About Me

My name is Yesenia Ramdass, i started this blog because every time i see someone battle disease the story seems to be repetitive. I have the utmost respect for western medicine and Doctors who work day and night to help save lives. It would be nice if ALL options were offered to patients. Through this page my goal is to educate on some alternative treatments and some great nutritional ways to restore your health. I have always been passionate about Holistic Nutrition and looking at the body as a whole. At the age of 17 I became a vegetarian after reading the book entitled “Skinny Bitch”. My intention was not to be a vegetarian however once i learn something in my head it can not be un-learned.  “Ignorance is NOT bliss”. It was a combination of the brutal killing of animals and the disgusting chemicals we were ingesting. This was the beginning of my journey and here i am 13 years later. I lost my mother to stage IV Kidney Cancer in 2018. Going through that journey allowed me a very close look to the killer disease Cancer. If you know even just a little bit about something that is not readily available that can possibly help save someones life would you share it? Having your health is having life. When you don’t have health you have nothing at all.

MIND-  (Consciousness, Choices, reasoning)

BODY- (Your system)

SOUL- (Energy)

The mind is the Expression of the soul. It is the Mind that comprehends and can be altered through experiences and learning’s. You don’t have a Soul, you are a soul. You have a Body, take care of that body.

This Blog is dedicated to my big brother Frederick Garcia, My Beloved Mother whom i miss so much Elsa Maria Garcia and to all the people gone far to soon because of disease. Love you Mami & Brother